[Buildbot-devel] retry in class ShellCommand

Jean-Michel Beuken jean-michel.beuken at uclouvain.be
Mon Feb 21 11:14:20 UTC 2011


Before to start coding ( 0.7.12 on master, 0.8.2 on slave ),
what is the best way to implement the retry parameter ( like in the class Source() ) in "class ShellCommand()" ?

Do I have to create a function like  "maybeDoVCFallback(self, rc)"  in  a sub-class of  "class SlaveShellCommand())"  ?

my problem :
- I have a bot on Window$ 7/64bits  with cygwin
- buildslave daemon is started as a service under cygwin
- I use cygwin environment for   " autoconf, configure, make and make tests  "
    but I compile with "x86-64-w64-mingw32-toolchain"  then the code is "Windows 64 bits native"
- at each steps, there is 80% of luck (:-\ ) that the build stops with :  "fork: Resource temporarily unavailable"  ( usually in compile step... )
- with a lot of patience and many attemps, there are some builds were till the end and all tests succeed :-)
- no easy working solutions/workarounds on web ( but everybody agrees to say that it is a problem a compatibility between Window$ and cygwin =-O )

then, the only solution is to restart the step when it's failed with the error "fork: Resource temporarily unavailable" ... ( how many times :'( ...)

thank you for your advices,


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