[Buildbot-devel] forward slash missing in the path when sending email with mailnotifier; is a bug?

Fulvio Cervone fcervone at me.com
Fri Feb 4 22:00:47 UTC 2011

Not sure what am I missing, but the path returned on the email when a build fail is missing a forward slash:

instead of having 

Complete logs for all build steps:	https://buildbot.company.com/builders/Testproj_builder/builds/15
I get this instead:

Complete logs for all build steps:	https://buildbot.company.combuilders/Testproj_builder/builds/15

As you can see the forward slash right after the .com and before the builders is missing.

This parameter is coming from this bit in the mail_notifier (message formatter):

         if master_status.getURLForThing(build):
             text.append(u'<tr><td>Complete logs for all build steps:</td><td><a href="%s">%s</a></td></tr>'
                         % (master_status.getURLForThing(build),

This happens only for the email sent out; if i go to the waterfall page and click on the various links, everything works fine and the slash is correctly added to the url.

So I assume that I omitted a forward slash somewhere while configuring the builder, since the parameter takes directly what is inside the builder object, is this correct?

I have a SVNPoller, a scheduler and a factory with 2 steps, one does an update on the svn codebase and the next does the build using xcodebuild; I specify the workdir ("build"), the command and the description in it, nothing else.

Which would be the parameter that adds the forward slash? Is this a bug in Buildbot or am i missing a slash somewhere?

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