[Buildbot-devel] Set revision for dependent schedulers

Christian Huetter c_huetter at web.de
Sat Dec 17 08:07:56 UTC 2011


I have a source tree in a Mercurial repository, which is built when a changeset
is pushed. A dependent scheduler performs a test when the build is successfull.
However, this test requires some data files managed in a separate SVN repo, and
buildbot passes the hg revision to svn:
argv: ['/usr/bin/svn', 'update', '--non-interactive', '--no-auth-cache', '--username', 'buildbot', '--password', 'XXXX', '--revision', '826cf71440cf36bd898965d7fe3c8781a0fbf41d']
...which obviously isn't working:
svn: Syntax error in revision argument '826cf71440cf36bd898965d7fe3c8781a0fbf41d'

I'd be happy about any hints, as I didn't find a solution in the documentation.

Another, but perhaps related question: yet another test performs a checkout of
both the source tree (several source trees, actually) and the data files. The
revision displayed is the one of the first checkout step. Is there any way to
set it manually or as a combination of the revisions?


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