[Buildbot-devel] Newbie Seeking Best Practices

Tom Browder tom.browder at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 15:03:58 UTC 2011

I'm trying to start a buildbot buildmaster on a server for an open
source project (brlcad.org) and am seeking advice from experienced

I am planning to set it up like this on the server:

  a 'buildmaster' account that has no login capability

  authorized buildmaster users must 'sudo -u buildmaster -s -H' to use
the account

  no root privileges will be used by the buildmaster

  ditto for a buildslave (and the same on volunteer slave hosts)

  the buildmaster will be setup in multi-master mode using sqlite


1. Are there any advantages to installing the buildbot and
buildbot-slave programs in a virtual environment if they can be
installed globally by the root user?

2. Are there any problems setting up and running the buildmaster as a
multi-master with sqlite as a database program?

3. Has anyone used the Django buildbot setup discussed here
(http://jacobian.org/writing/buildbot/ci-is-hard/)?  If so, do you
recommend it for a system that may grow to more than a few slaves?


Best regards,


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