[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot / python segfault

Thomas Middeldorp thomas at ranzer.geek.nz
Thu Dec 1 03:46:42 UTC 2011


This may actually be a problem with python, but I thought I'd check if 
anyone here has come across it before.

I'm currently having a problem where buildbot/python will segfault 
between a few times a day and once every few days. I haven't noticed any 
pattern to what it's doing when it crashes, and the twistd.log just ends 
when it crashes (no error output, no particular commands as far as I can 

The only indication of what's happened is a single line in syslog:
Dec  1 15:03:57 medusa kernel: [615489.096586] buildbot[1364]: segfault 
at 1008 ip 00000000004d5ce0 sp 00007fffaac533b8 error 4 in 

I've managed to get a core dump out of it, but none of the packages I 
have installed have debug info so I haven't been able to make any sense 
of the core.

Versions I have installed, server is Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS:
buildbot 0.8.5
python 2.6.5
twisted 11.0.0

Not sure what else to give versions for... If anyone has any ideas or 
suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.


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