[Buildbot-devel] changes disappearing from waterfall display

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Fri Apr 22 08:33:26 UTC 2011

I have a buildbot installation and am sending in changes with 'buildbot sendchange', sometimes from directly commandline and sometimes triggered by CVS commit->email->sendchange.

Here is an example command-line that I'm using to trigger builds.

buildbot sendchange --who benc --master localhost:9989 .

When I run that command, a change from 'benc' appears in the waterfall change column.

Then after a while it disappears.

Sometimes it sticks around long enough to trigger a rebuild-because-of-change, sometimes it doesn't. In the test I just made, it did not. The last two lines of twistd.log on the master are:

2011-04-22 08:24:07+0000 [Broker,66,] perspective_addChange called
2011-04-22 08:24:07+0000 [-] added change Change(who='benc', files=['.'], comments='', revision=None, when=1303460647.554373, category=None, project='', repository='') to database

which seems to be the change arriving.

The version of buildbot that I am using is 32fef90d0bdded1f170bb2efd0558732899f9011 from april 3rd, with a change to master/buildbot/buildslave.py that I will describe in a separate email.

The waterfall display is here: http://paella.hawaga.org.uk:8011/waterfall

Does anyone know whats going on or how I can debug it further?


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