[Buildbot-devel] trigger a builder from another builder: a bit of confusion

Axel Hecht l10n.moz at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:55:19 UTC 2011

C should be the triggerable, and the trigger step is in D.

Now, I'm a tad confused about your setup at large. What people usually do is

Build A on changes to the source code.

If A succeeds, do tests, aka, add a trigger step to A, kicking off a
triggerable B.

Not sure why you're running C less frequently, but you could possibly just
trigger it from B, if your tests pass.


2011/4/1 Fulvio Cervone <fcervone at me.com>

> Buildbot users/devs,
> I am planning to create a builder that will be triggered by a step in
> another builder...but i am not getting the logic right, so before writing
> code i would like to know how to get this right from the design perspective.
> I have 3 builders:
> A that build
> B that test
> C that update tools
> and a factory for each of them (fA, fB and fC)
> each builder has a scheduler set (sA,and sB runs every hour, sC every 8
> hours)
> now i would like to add a check on C, so if there are certain conditions it
> will be triggered, so i planned to introduce builder D, that will check and
> trigger C if the conditions are satisfied.
> Looking at the triggerable steps and builders, I get that i have to create
> a triggerable builder, so I made
> Builder D, that has the factory fD(that will run the steps to check if C
> should be run or not)
> and the scheduler sD (triggerable that is pointing to the builder C)
> Now where should i put the trigger step? From what I understand it should
> go in fD, right after the step to check if C should be run or not.
> Is this correct or did I got it all wrong ?
> Thanks!
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