[Buildbot-devel] modifying waterfall page without source code changes

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Fri May 21 10:54:03 UTC 2010

On 05/21/2010 05:48 AM, naman jain wrote:
> Hello people,
> I have deployed a buildbot - 0.7.11p3.
> I would like to customize the waterfall page a little with minor 
> enhancements:
> 1. showing the revision number instead of build numbers on the 
> waterfall page.
> 2. adding the revision number info along with the committer's name 
> like "naman:2134" in the changes column.
> 3. adding additional web links in the waterfall page.
> Is there any way we can do such configurations in the master.cfg ?
> I could achieve [1,2] by modifying source in /web/waterfall.py. But 
> want to know whether there is a cleaner way to configure such things ?

All this will be tremendously easier with 0.8, where the html is 
generated with jinja templates, so customizing the displayed information 
(and style) doesn't require any buildbot hacking.



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