[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot-0.8.0rc4 is out!

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Fri May 14 20:01:38 UTC 2010

We encountered a few serious problems in rc3, so rc4 is out now.  The
full list of commits is below.  One of the reasons I'm holding back on
0.8.0, instead of deciding to fix things in 0.8.1, is that we want to
get the changes-pickle-to-db upgrade right the first time for most
users.  So the big holdup here was #820, dealing with checking the
encoding of Change objects on import from the pickle.  However, there
were important fixes to the Nightly scheduler and to P4 support, along
with a number of smaller fixes.

Here's hoping that this is the last rc, but as always please file any
problems you see as new bugs, with milestone 0.8.0.


P.S. Yes, I know Friday's a terrible day to release this.  Mark it
"unread" and come back to it on Monday :)

Commits since rc3:

include UPGRADING in the manifest
bump version to 0.8.0rc4
be careful to close the db connection after performing SchemaManager operations
upgrade quietly
remove assertions
remove 'will this work?' comments - refs #829
add an 'else' to a template inline conditional
migrate recode_changes into OldChangeManager, don't convert to string
add docs for potential encoding problems
Make sure the loop delay is at least 0.
tweaks to contrib script
Get fix_changes_pickle_encoding script working and tested...sort of
Improve exception on unicode decode failure
Raise an exception if the db can't store unicode data
Test regular ascii data
Test that trying to import non-utf8 data will raise exceptions
Make remove_none return u"" for None, and not replace data
Reduce length of scheduler name, class_name columns so they fit with
utf8 mysql collations.
Decode strings from change objects as if they're utf-8.
Document MailNotifier's change mode
Remove unnecessary prints in mail.py
Fix Nightly Scheduler docstring - specify Scheduler arguments by name
Don't fire Nightly scheduler when onlyIfChanged is set and no changes on branch
Fixes #823 - Nightly scheduler is not tracking changes when
onlyIfChanged is True
P4: p4base was not a member of the class (fix #821)
Fix typo in schema comments


Open Source Storage Engineer

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