[Buildbot-devel] Authentication of http based communication

Ben Hearsum bhearsum at mozilla.com
Tue May 4 18:27:01 UTC 2010

On 10-05-04 2:20 PM, Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:
> On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Ben Hearsum<bhearsum at mozilla.com>  wrote:
>> I think it is entirely out of scope for Buildbot to perform any sort of
>> authentication. Time spent writing and maintaining authentication and
>> access control for WebStatus is time not spent working on Buildbot's
>> most important job.
> I hate to break it to y'all, but as of 0.8.0, Buildbot *has* a
> reasonable auth/authz framework.  It doesn't use cookies or anything,
> but that could be added fairly easily.

Hah! Shows what I know.

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