[Buildbot-devel] Splitting slave from master (downstream packaging)

A.T.Hofkamp a.t.hofkamp at tue.nl
Thu Jun 17 11:55:15 UTC 2010

Charles Lepple wrote:
> Along the lines of what Itamar mentioned, would it make sense for a
> "buildbot" distro package to depend on "buildbot-slave"?

If you don't need the contents of buildbot-slave to run a master, I'd not make such a connection, as 
  the dependency can be interpreted as 'you need to have a slave at the same machine'.

> I'm thinking mainly about people who are upgrading from 0.8.0, who
> will be surprised by the missing slave functionality.

So when are they not surprised enough any more to make the split?

To make it clear to everyone, you could also have a buildbot-master package.
(And perhaps that is the intention, I did not entirely follow the discussion.)

For backward compability, you could have a 'buildbot' that combines both, but I would not even do 
that, if you find 'buildbot' missing, it is not hard to find 'buildbot-master' and 'buildbot-slave' 


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