[Buildbot-devel] Autostarting the buildslave as a service

David Mor david.mor at mobidia.com
Mon Jul 19 22:41:03 UTC 2010

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
Yes, I am running both master and slave on Windows, and  I did isntall using setup.py.
%PythonPath%\Scripts is in my PATH variable, and I do see a buildslave.bat in %PythonPath%\Scripts directory.
I can start the buildslave by opening command prompt,  navigating to the buildslave directory, and typing "buildslave start" (a slave had already been created).

What I meant to ask was, "how to automatically start master and slave when Windows start"
Originally, after using buildbot_service.py in %PythonPath%\Scripts to install buildbot as a service,
I could right click on Computers > manage to open up the Computer Management window, then go to the Services menu under Service and Applications, and
find buildbot installed as a Windows service. That allowed me to set the service to run automatically, so that the master and slave upon Windows start up (provided that I have already enter "start [master_directory] [slave_directory] as start parameters)
After upgrading however, I can start only the master by using the identical method - since buildbot was split into two packages, I was thinking that my start parameters were not correct.

I apologize for asking about this trivial feature.
I wouldn't mind starting the master and slave from command prompt, but there some of the build machines I maintain require a reboot after every test run..

Thank you,

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I'm assuming you are running both master and slave on Windows?

You are running buildbot from the git repository? Did you install using setup.py?

The command to start a buildslave is "buildslave start".

You probably want to check that A) %PythonPath%\Scripts is in your PATH environment variable. B) there is a buildslave.bat file in the Scripts directory.

If you don't, look for a buildbot.bat file in Scripts. Copy it to buildslave.bat and change occurances of "buildbot" to "buildslave".

Test it by running "buildslave" in a command prompt. You should see a list of options including "create-slave".

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