[Buildbot-devel] OT: Cthulhubot / Buildbot Controller UI

Marc-Antoine Ruel maruel at chromium.org
Sat Jul 17 14:55:39 UTC 2010

We also have an django/Google AppEngine frontend in the work;

Sadly, I've just lost my GSoC student but we'll continue anyway. We
prefer to go the AJAX route instead of templates because db access was
too slow on AE and it permits to have nicer UI. The JS library is


Le 14 juillet 2010 06:54, Almad <bugs at almad.net> a écrit :
> Hi,
> for some time, I'm creating an Django application that basically acts
> as frontend for multiple BuildBots.
> I am finally getting to revamp it's UI to make it usable for others.
> As balsamiq is awesome and granted me a license, I have envisioned
> some thoughts in wireframes @ http://bit.ly/9Anx3y [PDF ~0.7MB
> warning] (if someone would want to mess with it, sources are at
> http://bit.ly/a85jiv )
> I'd love to hear some feedback from You. Also, I think this may start
> some conversation about UI of the buildbot itself ;)
> Thanks,
> Almad
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