[Buildbot-devel] loglistening plausible to random-file

Mike Winter miwinter at cisco.com
Thu Jul 15 03:41:52 UTC 2010

Many unit-tests in C in automated tests are built to pump stdout to mkstemp('/tmp/$user/test/$component/log.XXXXXX'). There is chance that a single test can write to a number of files in this directory.

Is there a way to capture this in some log/listener model that can be made visible. The normal test run has 10-100 unit-tests each potentially with a different log file.

Most tests are of various binary names like <root>/build/component/unique_unit_test.

I can imagine this could be a tricky situation. If there is no way to accommodate this model of tracking arbitrary new files in /tmp/$user/test/$component/log.XXXXXX a directory watcher or a more linear file allocation model may be the solution. i.e. #define mkstemp my_mkstemp(argv[0]). Then increment a static index in the my_mkstemp. Does this seem more manageable with buildbot log-file listener features? 

- Mike

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