[Buildbot-devel] Continuous / repeated builds

Ian Zimmerman itz at clustrix.com
Thu Jul 8 23:11:10 UTC 2010

I have a need that is extremely simple yet I haven't found any
questions / answers about it on the list or in the manual.

I just need to run a builder "all the time".  That is, dedicate a slave
to the builder, and schedule a new build each time a build finishes.
So far, I have always used some hacked up workaround involving cron
etc.  The problems with these mostly have to do with what happens when
buildbot dies or is stopped and restarted.  (I want the first build to
start automatically after the start, the 2nd when the 1st finishes, and
so on.)  Note also that the time to completion varies and cannot be
predicted, so the periodic scheduler doesn't really fit.

Any folk wisdom about this situation?


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