[Buildbot-devel] Mac's "cat" behaves strangely if encapsulated in buildbot's ShellCommand

David Mor david.mor at mobidia.com
Thu Jul 8 21:28:23 UTC 2010

Dear Buildbot Developers,

  Thank you all for the recent 0.8.1 release.

Before upgrading, I would like to solve the current issue I encountered.
I was trying to use issue a "cat" command and a "rm" command to print and delete multiple textfiles on
Mac OS X  by writing the following in master.cfg

printMicSummaryStep = \
    ShellCommand(description="Printing MicSummary",
                 descriptionDone="Printed MicSummary",
                 command=["cat", "micsummary*.txt"],

deleteMicSummaryStep = \
    ShellCommand(description="Deleting MicSummary",
                 descriptionDone="Deleted MicSummary",
                 command=["rm", "micsummary*.txt"],

First I checked whether my 'workdir' is correct.
Then, I logged into the Mac buildslave to confirm that the files existed.
Finally I manually typed the command.

For some reason I could manually run the command successfully, but
I consistently get the following error:

"No such file or directory"

Is there something that I'm misunderstanding or doing wrong?

Thank you for your great support as always,


   David Mor
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