[Buildbot-devel] Include tests in the distribution?

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 13:37:00 UTC 2010

On Feb 28, 2010, at 12:05 AM, Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:

> should buildbot.tests be named in setup.py?
> If it is, then the tests get installed under site-packages, which
> doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
> On the other hand, if the package is not named in setup.py, then the
> tests are only available in checkouts from version control (which
> seems like the typical place to run them from, right?).

I am not sure what is "normal", but does this mean that the setup.py  
mechanism doesn't make it easy to include files in the tarball which  
don't get installed?

What I was trying to do with the Fink package was to have the trial  
run happen from the source directory (to test the about-to-be- 
installed version of buildbot, with appropriate modifications to  
PYTHONPATH). This method doesn't need the tests to live under site- 
packages, but it would require them to be present in a tarball.

Testing the Fink package is optional, though - it doesn't happen if  
someone doesn't specify "-m" to enable "maintainer mode". I don't have  
a problem with running the tests from version control, but I think the  
advantage of putting the tests in the tarball is that someone can run  
the tests to see if some other package on their system is causing  

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