[Buildbot-devel] schedulerdb pushed!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Tue Feb 23 09:57:35 UTC 2010

Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> "Dustin J. Mitchell" <dustin at zmanda.com> writes:
>> By the way, the metabuildbot is now running master, and seems to be
>> doing OK.  The builds are failing, due to the lack of sqlite on almost
>> all of the buildslaves, but that's another matter.
> Hm. Is it really necessary to have sqlite on the buildslaves?
> If not, it would be really nice to remove this dependency. Installing Buildbot
> slaves is already quite a hurdle for people wanting to volunteer build slaves,
> in my experience.

Regular buildslaves do not require sqlite: that's purely a buildmaster

The buildslaves that Dustin is talking about are part of the
metabuildbot, meaning they're running unit tests for Buildbot itself.
Part of these unit tests is to create and exercise buildmaster code, so
those tests require sqlite to be available. Therefore the handful of
metabuildbot slaves that we have need to have sqlite available, or those
tests will fail.

So only people who are volunteering buildslaves specifically to the
Buildbot project are affected.

hope that helps,

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