[Buildbot-devel] schedulerdb pushed!

Kristian Nielsen knielsen at knielsen-hq.org
Tue Feb 23 07:45:40 UTC 2010

Brian Warner <warner at lothar.com> writes:

> I just finished pushing 11 large patches to dustin's master github
> branch:
>  http://github.com/djmitche/buildbot/commits/master
> This finally gets the schedulerdb work into trunk! All of the tests pass

Cool! Congrats, looking forward to play with it.

> I'll be working on these slowly over the next few weeks. In the
> meantime, test away! The most important thing, if you're trying it out
> on an existing installation, is to use "buildbot upgrade-master". That
> will create the database and upgrade your .tac file to reference it.

Any hints for how to start testing this?

I have a largish setup with ~45 builders and ~25 branches, with a somewhat
complex configuration...

Not sure how best to test this without seriously disrupting normal operation
of the Buildbot (which is needed for daily development)... but if there is
a reasonable way I'd really like to start some tests.

>  * make it easier to use MySQL instead of the default sqlite

Any details? (We are already using MySQL to store some Buildbot data (test
failure history), so I would want to use it for this also; trying to migrate
sqlite->MySQL later sounds messy.)

 - Kristian.

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