[Buildbot-devel] MemoryError on build

Marc-Antoine Ruel maruel at chromium.org
Thu Feb 18 21:02:11 UTC 2010

Our main try server died this week while using more than 24 gigs of RAM.
>From the graph we could see it was clearly triggered at a specific time and
linearly increased memory usage until it died. I haven't had time to
investigate more yet.


2010/2/18 Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner <smilner at redhat.com>

> I'm seeing MemoryError show up in my build slave (ex:
> http://buildbot.net/metabuildbot/builders/slave-centos_5_python2_4/builds/61/steps/trial/logs/stdio
> ).
> I verified the system itself didn't try to kill off processes due to
> memory. Anyone else see MemoryErrors like this before? The machine has
> 2G of ram and does nothing other than build buildbot (well, and normal
> stuff such as ssh for my own access when needing to check logs/update)
> (http://buildbot.net/metabuildbot/builders/slave-centos_5_python2_4/).
> Any changes that would cause very high mem usage?
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