[Buildbot-devel] schedulerdb pushed!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Feb 15 18:41:12 UTC 2010

Stefan Seefeld wrote:
> I'm very much interested into the next release, mainly because of the 
> jinja templating. If the completion of the schedulerdb work will take 
> quite some work / time, would it make sense to consider the next release 
> to be done before that work is completed ? (Especially if there are no 
> regressions that need to befixed first.)

I think the goal was to call 0.8.0 the "jinja and schedulerdb" release.
The main schedulerdb work is done: the remainder should be polish and
testing. So I'm hopeful that we can avoid an interim release (which, to
get jinja but not schedulerdb, would take some code-surgery).

> Also, I don't remember having seen an answer to this question: How will 
> the schedulerdb affect users who don't need it ? Is its use (with all 
> its prerequisites) optional ?

It is not optional, no. All buildmasters created with the new code will
use a schedulerdb instead of the old in-RAM queues.

But it should be mostly transparent to users. The buildmaster state is
kept inside a sqlite database stored in BASEDIR/state.sqlite, so there
are no external DBs to create or configure. Everything is set up
automatically when you run "buildmaster upgrade-master" (and your old
Changes are migrated into the DB too) or "buildmaster create-master".

The new dependencies are sqlite and simplejson, and both are (basically)
batteries-included in recent pythons, so it felt like they weren't
difficult hurdles to add. We still need to write some
import-compatibility code (to use the stdlib 'json' module if available,
else fall back to a separately-installed 'simplejson', etc), but that's
easy. I think that the jinja library will be the biggest install-time
load for 0.8.0 .

hope that helps,

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