[Buildbot-devel] schedulerdb pushed!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Feb 15 06:47:15 UTC 2010

I just finished pushing 11 large patches to dustin's master github


This finally gets the schedulerdb work into trunk! All of the tests pass
except for the ones that were broken before I started:
test_webparts.WebpartsRecursive (which started failing just yesterday in
commit 2df1cae) and two methods in test_vc (Darcs.testCheckoutHTTP and
Bzr.testRetry) that have been failing on my laptop for six months.

The next steps are:

 * write up docs, theory-of-operation material
 * explain the importance of "buildbot upgrade-master" in NEWS
 * make it easier to use MySQL instead of the default sqlite
 * add a few config knobs to enable mozilla's multiple-master-one-DB
 * clean up the Loop triggers (remove the every-30-second poll)

I'll be working on these slowly over the next few weeks. In the
meantime, test away! The most important thing, if you're trying it out
on an existing installation, is to use "buildbot upgrade-master". That
will create the database and upgrade your .tac file to reference it.
Without running that command, you won't get a database and the new code
won't work. (creating a new installation, with "buildbot create-master",
will of course create a DB too).

Happy Valentine's Day!

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