[Buildbot-devel] single buildmaster for two build types

J Hegge qdev at oceanhills.net
Tue Feb 9 04:34:28 UTC 2010

Forgive what may be a naive question: I'm trying to make a buildmaster 
config run a production, on-demand build along with a continuous 
integration build for the same tree.  Two build slaves working with 
SVNPoller for CI or two build slaves just building from a PBChangeSource 
via sendchange.  I would have extra steps for the production build to 

I've read through some archived messages similar to this, referring to 
adding a relation between change_source and scheduler.  I also read the 
manual's suggestion that only a single change_source is active.

My attempts to combine the two haven't worked.  I am mostly interested 
in showing both build types on one waterfall page.  Should I just create 
a second buildmaster?

I just don't see how to create a change_source/scheduler/builder set for 
CI and another separately defined set of change_source/scheduler/builder 
for production.


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