[Buildbot-devel] Building multiple configurations or toolsets?

Tim Hatch tim at timhatch.com
Mon Aug 30 02:28:25 UTC 2010

> I have a slave machine with, let's say, 3 different versions of
> python, and another with 1 version of python, and I want to test a
> project on all those versions.  Is there a reasonable way to set that
> up?  I don't think I should be running 3 buildslaves processes on a
> single machine, right?

If I'm understanding you correctly, I do that all the time.  The trick
is to make sure the build directories are different.  There's no problem
adding multiple builders that have the same slavename.

python24 = BuildFactory()
python24.addStep(ShellCommand, command="python24 runtests.py")

python25 = BuildFactory()
python25.addStep(ShellCommand, command="python25 runtests.py")

a0 = {'name': 'Python24 on Svr1',
      'slavename': 'svr1', 'builddir': 'a0',
      'factory': python24}
a1 = {'name': 'Python25 on Svr1',
      'slavename': 'svr1', 'builddir': 'a1',
      'factory': python25}
a2 = {'name': 'Python25 on Some Other Box',
      'slavename': 'otherbox', 'builddir': 'a2',
      'factory': python25}
c['bots'] = [('svr1', 'password'), ('otherbox', 'password')]
c['builders'] = [a0, a1, a2]


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