[Buildbot-devel] basic question

Richard Woods rwoods at tresys.com
Wed Aug 25 21:10:51 UTC 2010

I had BuildBot set up to do periodic builds, and I'd like it to instead
receive change notifications from a git repository.


I have the post-receive hook set up in the repository to send the
changes to BuildBot.  I have changed the configuration file:

*         The change source is configured via `c['change_source'] =

*         The scheduler is defined by `Scheduler(name="all",
branch="master", treeStableTimer=0, buildernames=["buildbot-full"])` and
appended to c['schedulers']

But where my periodic builds were working before, I can't get these
builds to kick off.


I have done `buildbot sendchange --user=username --master=localhost:9989
Makefile`, and I see a change show up on the status Waterfall page, but
no builds kick off.  Where might I be missing something?

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