[Buildbot-devel] git fetch hangs on large repos

Martin Nordholts enselic at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 17:17:59 UTC 2010


I am having a strange problem with git and I hope to get some insight 
from this list on what the cause might be.

This build step:


hangs for large repos, such as GIMP. Smaller repos, such as 
"git://git.gnome.org/babl", works fine.

I've been doing a fair amount of debugging, but I don't get much wiser:

  * When the git-fetch hangs, git-fetch waits for git packs
    from the git server, but no data is coming. It blocks in
    read() on the server data socket.

  * I run my buildbot as myself (user 'martin'). Still, when
    I replicate the commands manually in a bash shell that
    buildbot executes, things work fine. I don't find anything
    strange in the environment variable dump buildbot does.

  * Running a git-daemon myself, exposing a bare GIMP repository,
    buildbot manages to fetch using the git:// protocal from that

  * I've been doing a tcpdump of the traffic between git-fetch
    and the server, and git-fetch successfully gets a list of
    remote refs from the server. I can then see that git-fetch
    sends a list of commits that it wants from the server, but again
    doesn't get the data it asks for.

Thanks in advance for any insights you might give.


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