[Buildbot-devel] question on updating python

Richard Woods rwoods at tresys.com
Fri Aug 13 20:56:07 UTC 2010

That did the trick, thanks!  I'm now running into a missing dependency
(Zope) that should be simple to tackle.

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 On 8/13/2010 2:18 PM, Richard Woods wrote:
> Hey all ~
> I've just joined this list as a developer who's interested in learning

> more about using BuildBot.
> I have inherited a system where I believe BuildBot has been installed 
> incorrectly. It was installed on a machine whose latest version of 
> Python was 2.3. Running "buildbot start ." gives me a Python syntax 
> error where a function decorator is used.
> I installed Python 2.4 on the machine, then ran "python2.4 setup.py
> and "python2.4 setup.py install". They seemed to complete. However 
> running the build master still gives me the same Python syntax error.
> Is there a specific procedure I must follow to get BuildBot to see the

> new version of python?

An easy solution would be to just make sure your new installation of
(2.4) appears first in the PATH setting of the environment where you are
executing the "buildbot start" command. I do this on systems where I'm a
guest and can't go mucking about with the installed toolset.

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