[Buildbot-devel] Mutiple folders triggering a single product build

Bill Skinner bill.skinner at hp.com
Thu Apr 22 20:00:11 UTC 2010

Sounds like the fileIsImportant param to Scheduler might work for you:


Create 2 Schedulers (one for each product) watching the same branch. Add
a fileIsImportant callable for each that checks per-product folder names
for that Scheduler.


On Thu, 2010-04-22 at 19:16 +0000, Bob Hood wrote:
> I need to change my Buildbot configuration, and I'm seeking some
> advice.  I'm using 0.7.11.
> I have a single source repository from which two products are about to
> be built.  I currently have each product in a separate SVN branch, and
> that's all going fine.  However, we are going to integrate the products
> into a single branch (under the trunk/).
> Each project has a number of folders under the root upon which they are
> dependent (one has two folders under the root, the other has at least
> five).  I want to set up Buildbot such that a change in any of the
> folders causes only that product upon which is it dependent to build. 
> For example, if I have folders "build1" and "source1" for the first
> product, I want changes in either of those folders to trigger a Buildbot
> product build, but changes to any other folder under the root would be
> ignored for this product build.  Likewise, "build2", "source2" and
> "sdk2" would construct only product #2 if changes occurred within them,
> even though they reside in the same folder as the first product's
> folders (i.e., "trunk/build1" and "trunk/build2").
> Is it possible to set this up using Buildbot?  It seemed to me that I
> would need to make each Builder dependent upon more than a single
> "branch" setting to make this happen, but the "branch" option only seems
> to take a single value.  Could I munge this in the "split_files"
> function and somehow return a common "watch" value for each product
> depending upon which folder(s) registers the changes?
> Consolidating each project under a single folder might make this easier,
> but I need to see if I can accomplish this from the Buildbot side
> without re-organizing the repository structure.
> Thanks!
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