[Buildbot-devel] Multi-repo and repo-caches on slave-side

Almad bugs at almad.net
Thu Apr 15 21:15:46 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 13 of April 2010 13:30:17 Ben Hearsum wrote:
> We've been talking about doing something similar, implemented at the
> BuildFactory level, but this sounds like a much better idea.

+1 for this feature, we've been doing something similar too.

> One problem that will need to be solved in how to determine when a
> checkout needs to be refreshed from scratch. Obviously, if the VCS is
> unable to update it, it will need to be wiped, but under what other
> circumstances is this the case. Perhaps every N time periods?

Is there any reason why to refresh from scratch if vcs is still able to 


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