[Buildbot-devel] Spec file, service script and info patch

Bailey, Darragh dbailey at hp.com
Wed Apr 14 16:23:00 UTC 2010

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> My $0.02 ...
> I would agree. At this point python2.2 is quite ancient anyway.

Ok then, out it goes :).

> >Service related files: 
> >Do you want to include these? Currently I only use them on 
> RHEL4 & 5. The inclusion of these files contain most of the 
> remaining differences in the spec files.
> No harm in including it but maybe it should be in the share data or
> docs as an example as many people don't run buildbot as a single
> service but with a farm of builders/masters on a host(s).

Small clarification on the service functionality. It's intended to be able to start/stop multiple instances of buildbot depending on how you edit the buildbot.conf file. i.e. you can define multiple locations on the system to have buildbot run under, not just the default location, and then stop/start them individually by referring to the stanza name in the config file by executing "service buildbot stop stanza_name".

As to the location, I thought I'd see if it was useful as a default service script or whether to be stuck away in the examples/contrib area. Sounds like it's the second location for now :-).

> >Remaining differences are around enabling the tests. I like 
> how Gareth added the ability that if additional SCM tests 
> were requested to be run, then additional BuildRequires lines 
> were added. Would it be useful to flesh these out more? 
> Either individual '--with's or if someone specifies something 
> like '--with test_all_scms', that the rpm spec file include 
> BuildRequires for all SCM's that buildbot can currently work with?
> BuildRequires needing all the SCM's would be OK, but I'd say don't add
> them all to the Requires :-).

Oh definitely not Requires.

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