[Buildbot-devel] Spec file, service script and info patch

Bailey, Darragh dbailey at hp.com
Tue Apr 6 14:49:58 UTC 2010

I've been building buildbot for the last while with a custom spec file as well as including some additional files that might be useful to other people.

I've attached the following:
buildbot.spec - my custom spec file, allows building the package as python2.4-buildbot or python-buildbot depending on whether you would like to track what version of python buildbot is built against using either a dist tag (e.g --define 'dist .el5') or by having the python version embedded in the package name.
Also adds a buildbot user, service scripts and service script config file, and a default directory for the buildbot instances (/var/buildbot). 
Currently the spec file is only compatible with 0.7.x series as I haven't moved to testing with 0.8, it might work, it might not.
Also you can enable running the tests at rpm build time using --with test on the command line, in which case the build will depend on the present of python-twisted.
I also install the info file, after patching it.

buildbot - service script for starting/stoping multiple buildbot instances on the same system. I've coded it to be useful to myself, and I'm sure some of the functionality might be better placed in the buildbot python script itself. But it works for me.

buildbot-compat-functions - As the 0.7.x series supported python 2.3, I've been using buildbot with RHEL4 & RHEL3 systems as well. However some of the functions required to make the service work easily are present in the init systems of these distros. So I included the necessary functions into this file. If it can't find a particular function as been defined, it will source the file.

buildbot.conf - simple config file read by the buildbot service. I use it to tell the service where the buildbot directory and what user to run the buildbot instance as.

Buildbot-0.7.12-add-info-dir-section.patch - add a dir info section to the texinfo file so that buildbot will be listed in the info index under "Software development". Just thought it would be useful.

Hope some of these find some use. I do recall sending a mail about writing an init script and sending it on, sorry it took so long.

Btw, the main reason I created my own spec file is that I found the distutils bdist_rpm command to be less than perfect when creating rpms for RHEL. That may be less of a problem when RHEL6 is released with a much more recent python.

Darragh Bailey

Systems Software Engineer
Hewlett Packard Galway Ltd.

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