[Buildbot-devel] gotRevision breaks my neck

Christian Unger christian.unger at mac.com
Thu Apr 1 13:13:24 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I have a setup where my bot triggers a script which creates a subversion tag (freshTag) and updates an external definition at svnURL to point to the freshly created tag.

A following buildstep checks out svnURL (external definitions pointing to freshTag created by previuos step).

Now my factory obviously uses the revision of the very first checkout for any subsequent communication with the same repository.
The problem I have here is that my external definitions still point to the previously created tag (int(freshTag) -1).
(This used to work before I updated to 0.7.12 – call it a bug in older bb versions )

I think this is done in parseGotRevision().

Now I see two possibilities:
- split this factory into two builders and trigger the second from a dependent scheduler.
- tell the subsequent steps to ignore the revision arg.

Could someone please shed some light on how to ignore the reviion arg?

thx in advance

christian unger

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