[Buildbot-devel] database-backed status/scheduler-state project

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Sep 8 19:42:43 UTC 2009

On 07:00 pm, bhearsum at mozilla.com wrote:
>>First, Buildbot is always going to be Use At Your Own Risk.  Very, 
>>little software is anything else, particularly software developed by a 
>>loose group of individuals with no major assets to take in a lawsuit. 
>I disagree. The *trunk* of Buildbot will always be in an unstable 
>state. I think that once we hit a certain milestone or state of things 
>(1.0, perhaps) there will be a "stable" line, which receives bugfixes, 
>non-API changing features, and maybe other things and at least one 
>development head where new and exciting things happen.
>Maybe that scenario is only living in my head but I think at some point 
>Buildbot *needs* to have a stable branch to help adoption and let 
>people receive necessary bugfixes without the risk of breaking their 
>world. I think this is a pretty common model.

Well, okay.  Let's say I accept all of that.  Everyone works on Buildbot 
trunk with the very best of intentions.  And then one day someone makes 
a mistake, and burns down my factory.

What recompense should I expect?

Obviously, none.  That's what "use at your own risk" means to me.

It sounds like you intended it to mean something more like "we're-not- 
really-trying-not-to-break-it development mode".  In the second point I 
made, I tried to explain why I don't think it's legitimate to have this 
style of development up to a point and then switch to the opposite 


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