[Buildbot-devel] Problem with SVNPoller on Windows

Randy D. Smith randydeansmith at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 19:32:47 UTC 2009

Just joined the list and was perusing the Archives; thought I'd help with
the below:
Try instead svnbin = *r*'C:\Program Files (x86)\Subversion\bin\svn.exe'
(or wherever yours is).

Works for me. Key is to make the string "raw".

Tomaz Stres <Tomaz.Stres at ...> writes:
> I had similar problem, which I solved like this
> svn_poller = SVNPoller(
> svnurl=source_code_svn_url,
> pollinterval=15*60, # seconds
> histmax=10,
> svnbin="c:\svn.exe")
> Note: in svnbin I also have problem if I use path which contains spaces
> it did not work, but with out spaces it work as it should.

Hi Tomaz,

Thank you for the suggestion. It is still a work-around (because there can
no space in the path), but it is not as bad as my hack in twisted.

I've tried it, it works, and I can use SVNPoller with an unmodified version
of buildbot and twisted, so I'm quite happy.

It would obviously be better if the default value of svnbin actually had a
chance to work on windows, but I do not know how to fix this in the
twisted/buildbot source code. If anyone has a suggestion that does not mean
to much work, I will give it a try.

Oscar Lindberg
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