[Buildbot-devel] Extending buildbot to transmit xml result to the master

Anthony Viallard avd at patatrac.info
Wed Oct 7 12:39:56 UTC 2009

Hello everybody,

I have some difficulties to extend buildbot. I explain: after successful 
compile, i want to launch a functional test program. This program 
generate a xml file. So, after finishing the functionnal test, i want to 
transmit this xml file to the master to make it possible to see it in 
the webStatus interface (after a transformation in html with xsltproc).

I want this:

!      tests      !
!                 !
!     [result]    !
!                 !
!     compile     !
!                 !
!     [stdio]     !
!                 !

And when clicking the result link, the html result page (generated with 
xml file transmited) is displayed.

If i use shellCommand, when clicking on "stdio" link in waterfall 
webStatus interface, there already a html header generate, some 
informations on environnement, etc and finaly the result "backquotted" :(

I think i have to extend shellCommand class for generating my own page 
containing the xltproc result of my xml file. But, i don't known what 
class i must extend (ShellCommand of ./steps/shell.py, ShellCommand of 
./slave/commands.py, ...) ?

What is the better solution ?


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