[Buildbot-devel] slave state able to cause buildstep creation?

Mike Winter (miwinter) miwinter at cisco.com
Thu Jun 25 15:32:17 UTC 2009

There should be a way to have a buildstep be created based on the output
of prior steps either in the current builder or dependent on a prior
scheduler, consider a find command that generates a set of inputs for
each of which I want to write a buildstep?

factory = factory.BuildFactory()
factory.addStep(cmd = ShellCommand(name='finder', command='find
build_dir -name runner.sh >stepsToAdd', 
                             description='create list of buildsteps to
create in a factory'))

for line in lineIterator(cmd.logfile_product('stepsToAdd'):
    factory.addStep(ShellCommand(line, command='./runner.sh', workdir =
                     description='run tests in %s' %

builder = {'name': 'builder',
                  'slavename': 'slave1',
                  'builddir': '/workspace/slave1/build',
                  'factory': factory,
c['builders'].append( builder)

The reason I cant do the find and run in the single step is I want
granularity and visibility at the level indicated i.e. a cell per

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