[Buildbot-devel] Need example using BzrPoller

Lee Bieber kalebral at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 21:40:14 UTC 2009

Could anyone provide an example for using BzrPoller. I'm using
Buildbot version: 0.7.9 and Twisted version: 8.2.0 and have included
bzr_buildbot.py into my master.cfg file. as follows but I don't see
the build for ubuntu getting kicked off after a code update to the
repository. The Periodic scheduler works fine. I don't see any errors,
warnings or notifications in the twistd log file and running "buildbot
checkconfig" doesn't give any errors.

import bzr_buildbot
from buildbot.scheduler import Scheduler, Periodic

# periodic scheduler
sixhours = Periodic("every_6_hrs", [
                   "debian.sparc.64.1"], 6*60*60)

# scheduled builds 5 minutes after the source has been updated
ondemand = Scheduler("ondemand", None, 5*60, [
c['schedulers'] = [sixhours, ondemand]

in bzr_buildbot.py I have only changed the following line to add in
our repository name:

        def __init__(self, url="lp:drizzle", poll_interval=10*60,

I'm not a python programmer so obviously am missing something here in
how this should be setup.


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