[Buildbot-devel] FileUploads and DirectoryUploads usage.

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 10 10:52:43 UTC 2009

Gavin wrote:
> Yeah, I'll do that thanks. Just wondering if it was possible - in my mind at
> least, even using FileUploads to the same machine could still be regarded as
> remote to the slave, and using the same FileUploads technique to upload to
> master and other slaves including the slave local to the build would have
> been good in a consistency kind of way and makes I easier for others
> following on to understand the intended purpose.

You could wrap the suggested ShellCommand in a new type called 
'LocalFileUpload' ? ;-)

>>> 2. After a completed build, I use DirectoryUploads to copy generated
>>> Documentation and/or API docs to the public_html/$project/ directory. It
>>> would be useful to wipe out this destination directory before re-
>> uploading
>>> newly generated docs to the same directory. (So that deleted docs don't
>> hang
>>> around etc..) Whats the best way to do that currently and can
>>> DirectoryUploads be extended to have a parameter such as cleanDest to do
>>> that work for us?
>> That sounds like a useful addition indeed.
> It does, but I wouldn't know how to implement it just yet. I also have
> another idea I forgot about, and that is to use something like --exclude to
> exclude any sub-directories or files not intended for upload. Example would
> be uploading a load of docs but exclluding the .svn directories.
> Should I file those 2 as feature requests on Trac?

Please do. I think it's straight forward to implement, but I'm 
struggling to keep up with all those little tasks left and right 
already... :-)



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