[Buildbot-devel] FileUploads and DirectoryUploads usage.

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 10 01:15:09 UTC 2009

Gavin wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've patched my system against ticket #557 so DirectoryUploads now works
> great, so thanks for that, VERY useful to our cause!
> A couple (or 3) of questions if I can:
> 1. I can copy a generated jar to the master so it can then be used by other
> builders on that machine. I also want to copy the same generated jar to
> somewhere else on the same slave machine that it was built on -- would
> FileUploads still be a good choice in this case and just specify slaveSrc
> and slaveDest as the arguments, or would a simple command line file copy
> build step be more appropriate ?

I don't think that could work. However, for a local copy, why don't you 
simply set up a ShellCommand doing the copy ?

> 2. After a completed build, I use DirectoryUploads to copy generated
> Documentation and/or API docs to the public_html/$project/ directory. It
> would be useful to wipe out this destination directory before re-uploading
> newly generated docs to the same directory. (So that deleted docs don't hang
> around etc..) Whats the best way to do that currently and can
> DirectoryUploads be extended to have a parameter such as cleanDest to do
> that work for us?

That sounds like a useful addition indeed.

> 3. The FileUploads and DirectoryUploads are an addStep entry  for a build.
> Is there a way to only perform that addStep if the previous addStep(s) were
> successful -- I don't want to upload (and overwrite current) docs if the
> previous compile or install steps failed? I can see that schedulers can be
> dependent on other schedulers being successful, but I could not see anywhere
> a configuration to only perform an addStep entry if another previous one(s)
> was successful.

All steps have a 'haltOnFailure' flag that, when set to True, will cause 
the build to be aborted in case of an error.



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