[Buildbot-devel] info needed on triggering the buildbot

Anantvijay K anantvijayk.ml at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 12:36:35 UTC 2009

Hi list,

I've a *git* repo and i've setup the *periodic scheduler* to trigger the
buildbot after every 6 hrs. I also have a *force build* button on the
webstatus page. I've configured the buildbot to listen for changes on xyz
branch not the master branch. The above setup works fine.

But now due to some reasons i want to trigger the buildbot through a script
based on some other inputs instead of periodic build. How do i achieve it??
any pointers??

Tried using the "buildbot sendchange --username=abc
--master=xx.xx.xx.xxx:yyyy --branch=xyz". After i run the cmd, it prints the
msg "change sent successfully". The buildmaster's log gets the msg
"2009-06-09 18:03:21+0530 [Broker,3,xx.xx.xx.xxx] perspective_addChange
called", but none of the builders are invoked.


Thanks in advance,
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