[Buildbot-devel] Taking custom properties from force build webpage

Al Nikolov a.nikolov at drweb.com
Fri Jun 5 11:12:56 UTC 2009

Todd Whiteman wrote:

> I found an example master.cfg that uses a custom web page handler to
> enable custom properties:
> Not sure if that is the best approach but it seems to work.

Recently, i was looking for another way to handle custom build properties
set on 'Force build' pages, and asked here about how to get the Reason
field content in a buildstep, but nobody answered.

I think about something like that:

  Reason: 'This builder has mode=update, but right now i need a full
checkout, so i set source:checkout, and also i want g++ -g, so please
debug:yes. When finished, it should close #999864 bug'

Then, a very simple custom buildstep (in the begining of most build fabrics)
should parse the 'Reason' field and set a number of custom build properties
to following steps:

{ 'source' : 'checkout', 'debug' : 'yes', 'closes' : [ 999864 ] }

Then you can imagine custom buildsteps wich do many useful things.

But, again, i cannot find how to get the 'Reason' field content in a

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