[Buildbot-devel] multple SVNPollers and branches with same name

Douglas Hubler douglas at hubler.us
Thu Jul 30 17:18:44 UTC 2009

Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin at ...> writes:
> This is done by adding a category to each change indicating the poller
> it came from, and then filtering on categories in the schedulers.

I see, I was using the AnyBranchScheduler and should have been using the
Scheduler that takes a branch. 

Also, SVNPoller doesn't take a category, so I overrode constructor to accept a
category and submit_changes to set category on Change instance.  

Would you welcome a patch to have SVNPoller handle a single category that it
in turn sets on the Change instance? I have a git fork that I pull submit a 
pull request for if so.

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