[Buildbot-devel] multple SVNPollers and branches with same name

Douglas Hubler douglas at hubler.us
Tue Jul 28 22:34:34 UTC 2009

I have two projects in svn, each with a trunk and set of branches

I have two SVNPollers
 A watching project1
 B watching project2

I have two AnyBranchSchedules
 X that will trigger builder 1 for project 1
 Y that will trigger builder 2 for project 2

My intention is that 
 changes to project1 kick off builder 1
 changes to project2 kick off builder 2

However, a change to "trunk" in project1 will kick off both builds because
all the schedulers know is a branch named "trunk" has changed.

The problem as I see it is that there is no explict way to say a given 
Scheduler should only be triggered by a given Poller. Seems fairly easy to 
add this to the AnBranchScheduler but I think I might be missing something.

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