[Buildbot-devel] Slightly better paper trail?

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 28 17:47:09 UTC 2009

Might be a newb question:

I just discovered today that Buildbot will roll-up check-ins for a build
-- that is, if more than one check-in is made to the SCM repository
since the last build, it will check out the most current, possibly
pulling in other check-ins as well.

This kinda gives me some issues with paper trails.  The build might fail
as a result of any one of the check-ins that were made, and I have a
hard time cannot pin-pointing it (and my regression builds become a bit
fuzzy as well).  Is there a setting I can enable (or change I can make)
that will make Buildbot build per-check-in so I can discretely correlate
check-ins to failures?

I'm using Subversion as my SCM, if that's important.  And Buildbot 0.7.9.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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