[Buildbot-devel] Multiple builders with same builddir?

Anders Elfgren anders.elfgren at avalanchestudios.se
Fri Jul 10 09:27:52 UTC 2009

While that would probably work, it seems a bit hack-ish. Another
solution I thought of was to simply have .bat (or python) files in a
folder separate from the builddir (for example, where the slave config
is), and simply pass the path to the sync-build's builddir.
However, I'm going to attempt to modify the web interface and buildbot
to allow me to force build individual steps instead. From looking
through the code, it doesn't seem that difficult. Can anyone see any
problems with that approach? Or anything I should look out for?


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I have run into a similar problem and used separate work dir names, but
all symlinked to the same place.

On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 11:44 AM, Anders Elfgren
<anders.elfgren at avalanchestudios.se> wrote:

	Hi, first time poster!
	I'm setting up new buildbot config for the first time and I have
a question.
	Basically, what I want to do is (at least to begin with), three
	1) Sync from perforce.
	2) Run a batch file that will compile some data - the source
material and the result are both below the builddir.
	3) Copy parts of the resulting data to a backup folder.
	Now, I want to be able to trigger each of these steps one at a
time if I want (for instance, if the copy part fails due to not enough
space on the remote disk, I don't want to have to rebuild everything
(which is the way we do it now) after I've freed some up). I also want
to be able to trigger something that will trigger each of these in turn
- a Nightly Scheduler.
	It seems I cannot use a single builder with multiple steps,
because you can't trigger (force build) individual steps, right?
	And, when I tried to make separate builders using the Dependent
scheduler, buildbot complained that I can't have multiple builders with
the same builddir.
	So is there a good solution for this? I'm looking at the
Triggerable Scheduler, could this do what I want?

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