[Buildbot-devel] Multiple builders with same builddir?

Anders Elfgren anders.elfgren at avalanchestudios.se
Thu Jul 9 16:44:43 UTC 2009

Hi, first time poster!
I'm setting up new buildbot config for the first time and I have a
Basically, what I want to do is (at least to begin with), three steps:
1) Sync from perforce.
2) Run a batch file that will compile some data - the source material
and the result are both below the builddir.
3) Copy parts of the resulting data to a backup folder.
Now, I want to be able to trigger each of these steps one at a time if I
want (for instance, if the copy part fails due to not enough space on
the remote disk, I don't want to have to rebuild everything (which is
the way we do it now) after I've freed some up). I also want to be able
to trigger something that will trigger each of these in turn - a Nightly
It seems I cannot use a single builder with multiple steps, because you
can't trigger (force build) individual steps, right?
And, when I tried to make separate builders using the Dependent
scheduler, buildbot complained that I can't have multiple builders with
the same builddir.
So is there a good solution for this? I'm looking at the Triggerable
Scheduler, could this do what I want?
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