[Buildbot-devel] Modifying shell commands at runtime

Tommy Kudirka tkdeaddovedonoteat at live.com
Thu Jul 9 16:55:33 UTC 2009

> Now *that* is a monkeypatch, and a not-very-effective-one at that.
> Why would you try to rewrite the shell commands generated by the P4
> class in the parent class? Why not just modify the P4 class itself?
> I really can't fathom what has driven you to edit shell.py for these problems.
Well, I'm new to Python and Buildbot, and it fixes my problem where it is. I'm not using P4 or P4Sync for the checkout. P4 messes with my client specification, which is already properly set up. I'd use P4Sync, but it forces the newest revision, which is not much different from a full clobber. I don't know where I would edit P4Sync to make it do an update instead of a copy, which simply involves removing a '-f' argument, so I just use ShellCommand instead. Some help on changing P4Sync would be appreciated.
> By the way, I think your solution of using some on-disk indication
> that both builds are finished is currently the best option. Hopefully
> we'll have some better build-coordination tools in 0.7.12.
I found a 'doStepIf' parameter for buildsteps in the source code, which would be much better for what I'm trying to do, but it doesn't seem to be working right.

Thanks for the response,Tommy

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