[Buildbot-devel] sendchange

Jean-Michel Beuken jean-michel.beuken at uclouvain.be
Thu Jul 9 14:27:19 UTC 2009


I'm using the "buildbot sendchange"  to start a build but  i'm using 
also a lot of

shell.SetProperty(command="cat ../newvalue", property="newproperty")

to set dynamicaly all properties needed for the build   
( the file "../newvalue" was been copied on the slave by a scp before 
executing the "buildbot sendchange" )

It works very well since some months, but I'm searching a better solution...

Is it possible to catch in a ShellCommand,  the value of a other 
optional arguments like "--comments"   ?

I want to use something like this :

shell.ShellCommand( name = "test",  
command=[WithProperties("./%s","comments")] )

please, say me at least, something : YES,  NO,  PERHAPS WITH a LOT of 

I need to known to to go forward in my projet ( I have already asked 
this question some months ago)

many thanks in advance



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