[Buildbot-devel] trial buildbot.test failures on NetBSD

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Wed Jul 8 00:00:05 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 11:25 AM, Dustin J. Mitchell<dustin at zmanda.com> wrote:
> The test is trying to run 20 of these steps, and is only running about
> 12 of them in the 120-second timeout period.  Any idea why this might
> be happening on this system?

Looking at another failure, this time
buildbot.test.test_run.Disconnect.testBuild2 as run on your system by
the metabuildbot:

2009-07-07 15:31:52-0500 [Broker,0,] acquireLocks(step
<buildbot.steps.dummy.Dummy instance at 0x7f7ff6e62dd0>, locks [])
2009-07-07 15:31:54-0500 [-] doing shutdownAllSlaves

this test's intent is to start a build (at 15:31:52, and then 0.5s
later kill it.  The build is only slated to take one second, yet in
the timing above we see two seconds elapsed.

It looks like the twisted reactor is not doing well at getting the
timing right.  From what you wrote earlier, this is also affecting the
Twisted unit tests.  See what happens when you run these tests with a
different reactor?  trial has the --help-reactors switch that lists
the available reactors, and the --reactor= option to specify one.

I'm sure there's a Twisted bug on this topic somewhere, but google is
not finding it for me.


Open Source Storage Engineer

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