[Buildbot-devel] 0.7.11-RC1 - help test it out!

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at zmanda.com
Sat Jul 4 18:45:55 UTC 2009

On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Timothee Besset<ttimo at idsoftware.com> wrote:
> Hey Dustin .. do you have a changelist for this release .. what should
> we watch out for .. is it necessary to upgrade the slaves as well, or
> it's a simple matter of upgrading the master?

I am particularly bad at trying to describe the significant changes
contained in a release.  Truth be told, I had kind of hoped I could
just put the release out with a hand-waving "new stuff and bugs
fixed!" kind of announcement.  I'll see if I can put something more
significant together, but I would rather get the release done now than
wait until the next holiday weekend so I can write it up :)

I would love some help with this!

You can look at the bugs fixed in this milestone:
And below is the shorlog for the release.

Adam Vandenberg (1):
      Fix p4poller import in sample code.

Andrew Straw (1):
      implement support for git submodules

Ben Bangert (2):
      Updating for custom xmlrpc functions and additional info used
for PylonsHQ queries.
      Updated xmlrpc patch to address comments

Ben Hearsum (5):
      Fix transfer steps to handle subclasses returning SKIPPED in start()
      Fix transfer steps to handle subclasses returning SKIPPED in start()
      Adding extraHeaders parameter to MailNotifier
      Merge branch 'master' of git at github.com:djmitche/buildbot
      Properly iterate throw MailNotifier's extraHeaders dict.

Brian Campbell (2):
      contrib/git_buildbot.py: Exit normally on --help
      contrib/git_buildbot.py: Accept a --master paramater

Brian Warner (3):
      test_status.py: fix out-of-date-interface problem in tests
      buildslave.py AbstractLatentBuildSlave: fix undefined name in error case
      test_limitlogs: fix SIGCHLD warning, change quotes to upset editors less

Chris AtLee (38):
      Add support for setting 'when' attribute for changes via sendchange
      Fix build prioritization when new slaves connect
      fix failure to purge build 0
      Don't copy twistd log files when doing checkconfig
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/djmitche/buildbot
      Adding buildProperties to custom message attributes
      Adding functions to allow modification of slave selection,
builder order, and build request ordering
      Updating function names again
      Wrapping call to nextSlave in try..excep
      verify that nextSlave is callable
      Change builderOrder to prioritizeBuilders
      Adding test cases for slave, build, and builder ordering
      doc fixes
      Handle returning None from nextBuild
      Adding docs for hook functions
      Fix logging calls from build prioritization code.
      Force commands to be composed of strings.
      Preserve unicode strings in commands
      Fixing bad identation from 77ca3ff84ffc8a2f40d060ef628984e1b684cffe
      Web page tweaks
      Add elapsed time for incomplete steps and builds
      Adding support for cancelling pending build requests
      Clean up display of pending builds with changes
      Punting on BuildRequestControl.subscribe/unsubscribe
      Fix up current build display on per-slave page.
      Add reload= support to one_line_per_build page
      Adding a "Cancel All" button for pending builds
      Return a "No Resource" page if requesting to view a non-existent slave
      Distinguish between requests being removed because they've been
started, and requests being removed because they've been cancelled.
      If allowForce is False, don't allow graceful shutdowns
      Fixing up whitespace
      Merge branch 'master' of git at github.com:djmitche/buildbot
      Fix unicode handling in waterfall
      Implement changeHorizon
      Adding docs for changeHorizon parameter
      Adding some simple tests
      Fixing docs
      Adding tests for changeHorizon parameter

Chris Peyer (2):
      When dealing with multiple changes, set the branch and revision
to the last change in the tuple instead of the first in case the
changes are from different branches.
      Fix "TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects"
error when repourl is None and branch is None.

Chris Rivera (1):
      use a dictionary to count steps, and impose no artificial upper
limit on the number of steps with the same name

Dan Locks (2):
      (refs #455) fix typo numbuilds should be num_builds
      (refs #347) Colorizes the state of each buildstep

Darragh Bailey (2):
      (closes #575) explicitly import set() on py2.3
      (closes #576) use a list comp, not a generator, for py2.3

Doug Goldstein (3):
      Password protect option to force build and stop forms.
      Support .htpasswd files for authentication
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/djmitche/buildbot

Dustin J. Mitchell (86):
      serve buidlbot.css as text/css
      add Chris AtLee to CREDITS
      add missing requestSubmitted method
      add images to the repo
      mark as 5 - Production/Stable, and add me as a maintainer
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/lambda/buildbot
      Merge branch 'bug452' of git://github.com/marcusl/buildbot
      Merge branch 'bug446' of git://github.com/marcusl/buildbot
      Merge branch 'bug451' of git://github.com/marcusl/buildbot
      (refs #19) Add code suggested by simonp to the sample config
      (refs #461) add an eventHorizon to BuilderStatus, and purge ancient events
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/garetharmstronghp/buildbot
      (refs #459) use a WeakValueDictionary for the build cache
      add a nice repr for BuildStatus objects
      (refs #459) actually prune old logfiles and builds
      (refs #459) use already-existing hasContents, rather than the
duplicate logfileExists
      Merge branch 'master' of git at github.com:djmitche/buildbot
      Merge branch 'bug347' of git://github.com/dwlocks/buildbot
      (refs #453) send a revision only for the last change from
darcs_buildbot.py, but put it in the right format
      (refs #463) checkconfig should take either a dir or a config file
      remove __name__ == __main__ from checkconfig.py
      remove spurious 'print'
      (refs #443) fix deprecations in tests with Twisted-8.2.0
      Merge branch 'bug443'
      (refs #547) give defer.fail an error message
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/dustin/buildbot
      remove decorators, sorted()
      Merge branch 'custommessage-properties' of
      don't assume change.revision is an integer in
buildbot/scheduler.py (thanks to Darragh Bailey and Andrew Lawrence)
      Auth: cleanup typos, add an 'authfail' page and redirect to it on failure
      Merge branch 'auth'
      Merge branch 'bug559' of git://github.com/marcusl/buildbot
      (refs #544) support copy_properties for Trigger steps
      (refs #342) partial fix
      (refs #559) split pathnames using str.split, rather than os.path.split
      Merge branch 'transposed_grid' of git://github.com/jkugler/buildbot
      Merge branch 'bzr_puller_fix' of git://github.com/knielsen/buildbot
      include docs/Makefile in the source dist
      Revert "xmlrpc_getLastBuilds now returns the correct number of
builds when the current build is not finished."
      don't kill a non-integer pid
      whitespace fix
      Merge branch 'myfixes' of git://github.com/adamac/buildbot
      Merge branch 'bzr_launchpad_mail' of git://github.com/knielsen/buildbot
      don't fail when launchpad emails are missing (like they are now)
      Merge branch 'myfixes' of git://github.com/cpeyer/buildbot
      remove .stgit-edit.txt and add it to .gitignore
      (refs #475) automatically create workdir if it doesn't exist
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/adamv/buildbot
      fixes #493 - use POST method; thanks to Minesh Patel (mpatel20
on SourceForge)
      (refs #499) make testNightly more resilient to DST funniness
      refs #552 - detect 'http:' prefix in create-slave invocation and fail
      Merge branch 'myfixes' of git://github.com/mlyle/buildbot
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/roder/buildbot
      Merge branch 'myfixes' of git://github.com/mlyle/buildbot
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/mirkoboehm/buildbot
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/roder/buildbot
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/roder/buildbot
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/bdbaddog/buildbot
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/geraud/buildbot
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/geraud/buildbot
      Merge branch 'web-improvements' of git://github.com/catlee/buildbot
      point people to buildbot.net, not buildbot.sourceforge.net
      add para about grid/
      make the 'force build' option a little more obvious
      add config for the BuilderStatus *Horizon options
      fix typo
      make *horizon update on restart and reconfig
      Merge branch 'horizonconfig'
      add config for the BuilderStatus *Horizon options
      make *horizon update on restart and reconfig
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/geraud/buildbot
      insert a cross-reference to allowForce to help users find the option
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/zellyn/buildbot
      rename old extra_args in commands.py to svn_args to avoid confusion
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/bbangert/buildbot
      fix Trial step use in sample.cfg and fix texinfo documentation
of same to match the docstrings
      (fixes #573) fix documentation typos
      (closes #574) don't use keyword arguments to List.sort
      (refs #318) simplify slave shutdown; doesn't fix dangling reference
      (closes #493) convert remaining GET form to use POST
      fix typo, remove outcommented debug stuff
      (refs #35) fix dependent scheduler re-checking: make calculation
of upstream lazier
      version 0.7.11-rc1
      Merge branch 'categories' of git://github.com/dustin/buildbot
      Merge branch 'newcss' of git://github.com/nsylvain/buildbot
      inc version #

Dustin Sallings (8):
      Add -x to git clean.
      Git source dirs are always updatable when they have a .git
      Always clean the source tree before doing a fetch.
      (fixes #489) make got_revision work for perforce builds
      Add category to builder status.
      Allow git_buildbot to specify a change category.
      More category filtering.
      Support categories from BzrPoller

Gareth Armstrong (2):
      Fix feeds when title=None and minor tidy up
      Clean up the over zealous clean up

Geraud Boyer (6):
      Added user_param as a param for an EC2LatentSlave
      Merge commit 'mirkoboehm/master'
      Merge commit 'djmitche/master'
      Added substantiating state for Latent slaves. The problem is
that a booting EC2/Latent instance could be chosen more than once
since its state while booting is still latent
      fixed typo
      Merge commit 'djmitche/master'

Ian Zimmerman (2):
      (refs #455) add numbuilds=xx parameters to one_line_per_builds,
use numbuilds as a consistent parameter name
      (refs #454) pass a ref to the logStatus object for each logfile,
for better reporting.

Jason Hoos (1):
      (refs #428) add doStepIf parameter to buildsteps

Jose Dapena Paz (1):
      (refs #476) Add a link in builder view to get the waterfall view
of just one builder

Joshua Kugler (4):
      Initial file reorganization for TransposedGrid
      Fixed tabs in commands.py Also removed some trailing spaces,
since my editor does that automatically See #558
      Further work on a transposed grid I think it's done
      Backed out changes to build_td (no "extra") tgrid no longer uses
"extra" in build_td Added some doc strings to baseweb.py Added link to
tgrid in index.html Added docs about grid and tgrid in

Kristian Nielsen (5):
      Improvements for the Bzr Source step.
      Fix two bugs in the BzrPoller:
      Implement class BzrLaunchpadEmailMaildirSource
      Add the missing sample test emails for the testing of class
      Fix reloading of configuration file with new mail change sources.

Marcus Lindblom (2):
      See #446. Mercurial should clone to specific rev when in clobber
and dirname-branch mode
      Fixes #267. Add 'change' mode to MailNotifier to notify on all
build status changes

Matt Heitzenroder (5):
      Added  a sample configuration to enabled Force Build in the Web
UI for clarification
      Added service for github's post-receive service hook
      changed payload from an object property to an parameter for
      added remote & branch to the pull
      switched from subprocess to commands, added logging

Michael Lyle (2):
      Add infrastructure so that revisions may have an associated URL,
that displays in the web interface and elsewhere.  This is so buildbot
can integrate against things like websvn which present very nice views
of changes in a revision.
      Add appropriate documentation for the revlinktmpl parameter to
svnpoller. -mpl

Mikael Lind (2):
      environment variable fallbacks for feeds on Windows
      additional buildmaster at buildmaster fallback for feed GUIDs

Mirko Boehm (1):
      - path for the undefined global variable in web/builder.py

Neil Hemingway (3):
      Resolve #445
      Merge branch 'master' of git at github.com:djmitche/buildbot
      getResults can return 5 differen status(es).  Resolves #567

Nicolas Sylvain (5):
      (fixes #560) chromium patch to show step times
      Fix mail.py to be backward compatible with python 2.4. In python
2.4 the "x if y else z" syntax is not supported.
      Add a new status resource "BuildStatus" that shows a
waterfall-like display of a single build for a single builder. This is
to be used by the console view that I am working on. (It appears when
you click on a box for a given build.)
      Add a new argument to the waterfall page: "failures_only". If
this argument is set to True, the waterfall will be showing only the
builders that are failing.
      Add a new css file. It is similar to classic.css, but has less
bright colors, and does border rounding if the browser supports it.
build.chromium.org and build.webkit.org are using a similar css file.

Quentin Raynaud (1):
      (refs #456) don't set PWD on msys

Rene Müller (1):
      fix wrong import in example (refs #487)

Sidnei da Silva (1):
      close the tarfile before removing it

Stefan Seefeld (2):
      (refs #557, #559) use tarfile to upload multiple files from the master
      (closes #577) users can add a 'compress' attribute (either None,
'gz', or 'bz2') to the DirectoryUpload step

Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner (2):
      setup.py needs a reference to the rpm steps
      added a test and sdist_test commands to setup.py

William Deegan (2):
      Add checkout_options argument to CVS build step. This will allow
adding cvs checkout specific arguments. This is needed to add -N to
the cvs checkout command line when the user has a cvs module alias.
      More changes for cvs checkout_options

William Siegrist (1):
      Add support for logfiles to contain dicts with the follow option

Zellyn Hunter (2):
      Added extra_args parameter to SVN buildstep.
      added extra_args to SVN docs

adam (1):
      xmlrpc_getLastBuilds now returns the correct number of builds
when the current build is not finished.

adamac (2):
      xmlrpc_getLastBuilds now returns the correct number of builds
when the current build is not finished.
      xmlrpc_getLastBuilds now returns the correct number of builds
when the current build is not finished.

marcusl (17):
      Fixes #446. Use 'hg clone --noupdate' instead of 'hg init' + 'hg
pull' to get remote repo url as path in hgrc.
      Fixed #451: Mercurial source step now clobbers if repo URL has changed
      Fixes #452: Create correct source stamp in email in all cases
(including branch)
      Fixes #277: Remove unnecessary test
      (See #462) Remove clobber on inrepo branch change
      Merge commit 'djmitche/master'
      (See #446) Added check for default path to Mercurial and
MercurialInRepo tests
      Merge branch 'bug446'
      (fixes #444) Added docs for new arguments to Mercurial source step
      (see #444) Fix small typo in docs
      Merge commit 'catlee/build-priority'
      Merge commit 'catlee/sendchange-when'
      Fix Mercurial repo-URL check on file:// URLs on Windows
      Fixes #479. Fix tests on Windows: CVS version detection and
directory creation
      See #483: Fix date-format recognition on Windows + use dovc
      Don't use cmd.exe when executing other exes. Fixes CVS tests on Windows
      Send filenames as list of path components. (See #579)

quentin (4):
      (see #462) Adding a 'clobberOnBranchChange' argument to the
Mercurial object.
      (see #412): use the purge extension if possible instead of rm
-Rf to clobber.
      (see #412): Handling patches with purge too. Avoiding code
duplication. Add some logging.
      (see #462): Fixing addFactoryArguments call.

Łukasz Jernaś (1):
      Fix typo.

Open Source Storage Engineer

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